Protein is the only nutrient directly responsible for building muscle and when you exercise your protein needs increase. This is why body builders and a lot of athletes are obsessed with their protein intake.

However protein isn’t just found in meat, eggs and milk or sourced from powders. There is also protein in vegetables, beans, legumes, and grains. Even though some of these protein sources are lacking in complete essential amino acids I thought it worthwhile producing a list of the top protein foods besides meat and eggs.

15 Sources Of High Protein Other Than Meat
1. Soy Beans (boiled without salt)1 Cup29g17g
2. Ricotta Cheese1 Cup28g7g
3. Low Fat Cottage Cheese1 Cup28g6g
4. Lentils (boiled without salt)1 Cup18g40g
5. Bulgur (unprepared)1 Cup17g106g
6. Split Peas (boiled without salt)1 Cup16g41g
7. Oat Bran (unprepared)1 Cup16g62g
8. Red Kidney Beans (boiled without salt)1 Cup15g40g
9. Large Lima Beans (boiled without salt)1 Cup15g36g
10. Rice - White Long Grain (parboiled)1 Cup13g151g
11. Cowpeas (boiled without salt)1 Cup14g36g
12. Yogurt (plain with skim milk)8 oz/1 container13g17g
13. Potatoes (Gratin with butter)1 Cup12g28g
14. Soft Tofu1 Piece8g2g
15. Dry Roasted Peanuts (without salt)
1 oz/28 units7g6g